Merle French Bulldog: A Rare and Beautiful Color

Merle French Bulldog A Rare and Beautiful Color

Small dogs include French bulldogs. They are enjoyable and cute. They come in numerous hues. Merle is a rare shade. French bulldogs with merles have a coat pattern of light and dark patches. This coat is made by the Merle gene. Additionally, it alters the skin and eyes. Merle Frenchies are not official colors. They come from crossbreeding with another breed that has the Merle gene. In this article, we will explore the unique characteristics of the Merle French Bulldog, its origin, health concerns, and care requirements.

Merle Coat Variations

Merle French bulldogs can have different coat colors. The dark patches can be big or small. They can have different shapes. Some common merle coat colors are:

  • Blue Merle: This is a very rare color. The coat is black but looks blue. The blue color is pretty with dark patches. Blue merle Frenchies have bright blue eyes.
  • Lilac Merle: This is another rare and beautiful color. The coat is brown and blue mixed together. It looks light purple. Lilac merle Frenchies have blue eyes as puppies. Some keep them as adults. Some get amber or green eyes.
  • Chocolate Merle: This is a warm and rich color. The coat is dark brown with a red tone. The brown color goes well with the dark patches. Chocolate Merle Frenchies have brown, green, or hazel eyes.
  • Black Merle: This is a classic and elegant color. The coat is solid black. The black color is sharp with dark patches. Black Merle Frenchies have brown or amber eyes.
  • Fawn Merle: This is a soft and sweet color. The coat is a light tan with a yellow tone. The tan color is nice with dark patches. Fawn merle Frenchies have brown or hazel eyes.

Merle Health Risks

Merle French bulldogs are pretty but also sickly. The Merle gene can make the eyes and ears bad. This can make them see and hear poorly. Some health problems for Merle Frenchies are:

  • Deafness: Merle Frenchies can be deaf or partially deaf more than other colors. This is because the merle gene can make the inner ear bad. The inner ear helps with hearing. A hearing test can check for deafness.
  • Eye defects: Merle Frenchies can have eye defects more than other colors. This is because the merle gene can make the eye parts bad. The eye parts help with vision. Some eye defects are small eyes, missing eye parts, cloudy lens, high eye pressure, and blindness.
  • Skin problems: Merle Frenchies can have skin problems more than other colors. This is because the Merle gene can make the skin color bad. The skin color comes from melanin. Some skin problems are sunburns, allergies, infections and cancer.

Double Merle Dangers

One big risk for Merle French bulldogs is breeding with another merle Frenchie. This can make puppies that have two merle genes, one from each parent. These puppies are called double merles or homozygous merles. They have very bad health problems because they have too much light color. Double merles have white coats with few color spots, and they are often deaf, blind, or both.

However, breeding two merle Frenchies together is bad and wrong for many dog lovers and experts. It hurts the health and happiness of the puppies. As a result, double merles are often not wanted by breeders or owners who want healthy and pretty dogs, and they end up in shelters or rescue groups where they need special care and love.


Merle French bulldogs are uncommon and stunning canines with distinctive coat patterns and eye colors due to their genetic makeup. However, they also have health issues brought on by their inherited traits, which can result in poor vision, hearing, and skin conditions. Merle Frenchies shouldn’t breed with other merles as this can result in double merles that have severe health issues due to their excessively light coloring.

Merle Because they require more care and attention than other colors of Frenchies, French bulldogs are not suitable for everyone. However, if you love them, care for them, and frequently take them to the vet, they can make wonderful pets. Merle Frenchies are loyal, playful and charming dogs that can make their owners happy.

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