Justin Bieber dead? No, it’s just another hoax

Justin Bieber dead No, it’s just another hoax

One of the most well-known and prosperous singers in the world is Justin Bieber. However, he also has some haters who spread rumors and lies about him. A persistent and unsettling rumor is that Justin Bieber is no longer alive.  This rumor has been going around online for years, and it keeps coming back occasionally with a different twist. However, does it hold any water? Are you sure Justin Bieber is gone? No is the answer. In good health and not planning to leave anytime soon, Justin Bieber is still around. In this article, we will explore the phenomenon of celebrity death hoaxes, focusing on the recent rumor surrounding Justin Bieber’s demise.

What’s the rumor?

A viral article by Vairal News 93 claimed that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber died in a car crash on March 5, 2023. The article had a headline that read: “ (RIP) Justin Bieber died after crashing at over 100 mph, a coroner’s report reveals on March 5, 2023.” However, the article itself contradicted the headline and mentioned another cause of death for the singer. It said that he was found dead in a pool of his vomit in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

The article also posted several pictures of Bieber with “RIP” written over them and an image of a candle edited onto them. The site had previously reported fake news about other celebrities’ deaths, such as Simon Cowell, Mike Jagger, and Sylvester Stallone.

Is it true?

No, it’s not true. Justin Bieber is alive and well and recently celebrated his 29th birthday with his family and friends. He shared pictures from his birthday party on his Instagram account. Other stars, including Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith, Kid Laroi, Leon Bridges, Bernard Harvey, and Don Toliver, were also present at the celebration, along with his wife, Hailey Bieber.

On June 14, 2022, Bieber posted a statement on his Instagram story about his recovery from Ramsay Hunt syndrome. This rare neurological disorder had paralyzed one side of his face. He said that he felt better each day and that his faith in God comforted him. He also thanked his fans for their support and prayers.

How did it start?

The rumor started after some people on Facebook came across the article by Vairal News 93 and shared it without verifying its authenticity. The article used a fake domain name that resembled ABC News to make it look credible. However, the site had no affiliation with a reputable news outlet.

The rumor also spread on Twitter, where some users expressed their shock and sadness over the alleged death of Bieber. However, many others quickly pointed out the news’s falsity and Bieber’s well-being.

How do I spot a hoax?

Some signs can help you spot a hoax online:

  • Check the source of the information. Is it a reputable news outlet or a dubious site with a fake domain name?
  • Check the date of the publication. Is it recent or old? Sometimes old news can be recycled to create confusion or panic.
  • Check the content of the article. Fits the headline, do not you think? To support its claims, does it offer any proof or references? Are there any grammatical or spelling mistakes?
  • Check other sources of information. Do they agree or disagree with the news? Do the people involved or their representatives make any official statements?
  • Use your common sense. Does the news sound too good or too bad to be true? Is it likely or unlikely to happen?


Therefore, Justin Bieber is still alive. He is still with us, in good health, and pursuing his musical career. It is false and inappropriate to trust or spread the report that went viral and stated he died in a vehicle accident or a hotel room. You now know how to recognize internet scams and why you should never take anything at face value. We sincerely hope you had fun reading it and picked up some new information. If you did, kindly spread the word to your loved ones who you think would be interested in this subject. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the space provided below. We’d be thrilled to hear from you. Enjoy your day, and thanks for reading!

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